4 Easy Tips to Stretch Your Family Budget

As someone who is paying off student loan debt I am always looking for ways to save money. If your family is struggling just to save some money, a few tips might help you out. They are pretty easy to do, and the best part is they always work! So if you are interested in these tips that will let you stretch your family budget more, let’s get to them right away! I can bet that you will indeed save some money you can use on big family purchases. Good luck!


Start couponing

Couponing is becoming a trend for a reason. With thousands of coupons in newspapers, magazines, online and elsewhere, it would be silly not to try this out. Especially if your family has only one income or two tiny ones. Couponing is also very easy to do, simply because as mentioned, you can find coupons everywhere. And no matter where you shop and what you are buying – there is always a coupon you can use to save your money. For example, everything from clothing, groceries or to car parts or cheap tickets can be bought a lot cheaper if you have a coupon for you. For instance, check out these amazing Kohl’s coupons. Kohl’s is a favorite of mine and where we buy a lot of the kids’ clothes! So enjoy it and don’t forget that if there is a product – there is a coupon for it as well!

Generic food brands for the rescue!

Another tip you should keep in mind is various generic brand products. While shopping for groceries they can be quite a miracle maker in your budget! Usually, every bigger food retailer has its special generic brand line that sells most standard products. Also, usually, these products are lot cheaper than other brands, and this is the most important reason you should buy these! In fact, if you are afraid of the quality of such lines – don’t worry. There are some examples that big-name brands use the same product as big food brands. Hello, that’s why I shop at Aldi! They just add their logo on the package! So you will get exactly the same product but in the different package and smaller price. It is a win-win for you!

Shop with cash only

No matter what you are shopping for – big purchases like furniture or small ones like food – always bring only cash with you into a store. This is the easiest way to save money and stick to your budget because you literally won’t spend more than you brought with you into the store! So, always bring that amount of cash with you that you feel comfortable spending and don’t forget to leave your credit or debit cards at home. This will keep you away from overspending, and also let you save money too. Simply perfect!

Where possible – buy in bulk

Finally, every time you are capable – purchase products in bulk. It can be absolutely everything that doesn’t have an expiration date or has one, but long. All the home essentials like paper towels, toilet paper, and toothpaste and so on can be bought in bulk. Food products that are canned frozen or can stay fresh for a long time (like oatmeal and so on) can also be purchased without any problem in big numbers. It is nothing new to tell that buying in bulk pays off, so if you weren’t shopping like that until now – it is the right time to start doing it.

What are your budget-stretching tips? Share it in the comment section bellow and let’s all save money!


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