Bye Bye Office! Hello Nursery!

Our home office has officially been turned into a nursery. We sold our desk and Klik Klak sofa on Craigslist (love it) in preparation for our son. Naaman put up the crib in about 45 minutes this past weekend and I can’t get over how beautiful it looks. It made me wish I had everything already so I could decorate it now. But I realize a lot of that stuff will come from showers so we have to hold out. Still, it great to have it up. I find myself going into the room and just standing there staring at it. I am so happy it’s ridiculous. I just can’t wait until our son is home with us and I can rock him to sleep and stare at an actual baby in the crib.

Naaman getting started. Let’s see if he uses the directions.

Roxie wanted to help. She can tell something is up!

A thumbs up means we’re getting there.

It’s done and it’s gorgeous! Thanks Honey!

He also put up the dresser/changer but my camera ran out of batteries before I could take a picture. I had to go to Wichita for a work meeting last night. I got home very late but Naaman was waiting up for me and told me to go into the room and open the top two drawers. He had taken the tiny clothes we’ve received so far, folded them and put them in the dresser. It doesn’t get more cute than that. I love that he wants to be so involved and is so excited with every passing day. It is amazing to have a partner who is so present in his journey to fatherhood. I’m sure I have Neil and Connie to thank for that : )

Speaking of names, I might as well just come on out and say the name because Naaman has told everyone and it’s no big secret. Our son’s name will be Landon. This is the name of the character in one of my favorite books, “A Walk to Remember” by Nicholas Sparks. I always liked it and kept it in the back of my mind for when I got pregnant. I was scared to share it because everyone always gives their two cents whether it’s positive or not and I didn’t want anyone ruining my favorite boy name. But everyone we’ve told loves it so it is official. It has felt right from the beginning. We call him by name all the time now. I talk to him and I say, “Mommy loves you Landon.” Just last night I told him that we’re in this life together no matter what happens. I sure hope he loves me and is happy that I’m his Mommy. Because I am so full of love for him already. I can’t wait for his little fingers to wrap around my own. It will be the sweetest day when we can finally hold Landon in our arms.

This past Saturday I coordinated what will be my final wedding for awhile. I didn’t think it would be a good idea to take on brides while I was 7-8-9 months pregnant. I’ll be 6 months on Friday and although it was a beautiful day it was tough getting through it. My bride and groom were Angie and Brent and all day long I could see the excitement in both of their eyes. Angie never stopped smiling for a minute. It was an amazing wedding and I am always so thankful when a couple allows me to share in such an important day.

It was even more fun because I got to work with Josh & Jenny Solar, the photographers, for the first time after hearing such great stuff about them. Jenny is pregnant with her third child and is two weeks ahead of me. We both talked about being sick because she was really sick with the flu just like me. Only she was hospitalized three times. I was only hospitalized once. She told me about a foot soak that sounds amazing and we talked about hiring them to take Landon’s photos during his first year. I am SO excited to hire them.

One of my favorite things about coordinating weddings is it gives me a chance to work with amazingly talented and creative people in the wedding industry. Whether it be cake makers, floral designers, photographers, I am always blown away with the talent in Kansas City. But I must admit that Jenny and Josh are my new favorites : ) Not only are they talented but they are fun and down to earth. Hopefully I’ll be back to planning weddings in the summer of 2009.

Here are some teaser photos from their blog of the wedding I coordinated. Congratulations Angie & Brent. I hope you have fun in the Bahamas and many years of happiness to follow!

6 Replies to “Bye Bye Office! Hello Nursery!”

  1. I love the crib and I LOVE the name you guys picked out. I also love “A Walk to Remember” and basically all of Nicholas Sparks’ novels. Thanks for sharing and not making us wait! :-D I can’t wait to watch your nursery being put together.

    Josh & Jenny are awesome. I know they will do an awesome job on Landon's pictures, and yours! :)

  2. That a boy Naaman. “You don’t need no stinkin direction.” Or some don’t. The crib looks very inviting and I know Landon will love it. We already love him. Please tell him that each day so he will know us.

  3. We never used our crib at night until the babies were about 6 weeks old. They started out in bed with us, because it was so nice to nurse without having to get up. I had diapers, wipes etc right within reach and even a low-watt bulb in the lamp. Then they moved to a bassinette in our room. Same idea, convenience. Then when they were sleeping at least 7-5 or so, they’d be in the crib. Not long with the moniter, though because those are a nightmare. No one gets any sleep.

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