Daddy’s Turn

My Mom has been going crazy buying lots of stuff for me and the baby. I think she thought Naaman was left out so she bought a special book for him to read to our little boy. It’s called “Me and my Dad.” It’s about a daddy bear and his son. Since the baby can hear now Naaman decided he would read the book to our boy last night. I read that babies prefer books that were read to them in the womb over new books that have never been read to them. They can actually recognize the words and sounds. Amazing. So, hopefully this will become Naaman’s favorite book to read to our baby. It was so special just watching and listening Naaman read this book to the baby. Every time he finished the page he would put the book over my bare belly as if to show the baby the pretty pictures. I laughed hysterically everytime he did that.

I think it’s important to make sure that the Dad feels like this is a process he is going through too. When I read my pregnancy and childcare books I always make sure to read aloud the parts I find important. Okay, so maybe he doesn’t want to hear about breastfeeding but hey, I know I will need his support when it comes time for those first feedings. He will be going to the breastfeeding class and birthing class with me. And he’s happy to do so. He’s been my partner in everything I’ve done for nearly seven years. Of course I think he’s even more wonderful now than ever before. Seriously, any man who can put up with me for this long is worthy of a fancy award made out of gold.

I’ll have three showers when all is said and done. But another thing we’re doing is having a couple’s shower. The couple’s shower will be nice because all of Naaman’s friends can share in this too. It’s going to be a BBQ at my sister Kelli’s house. No silly baby games, no babies/kids allowed. Just a nice time with some of our favorite couples to share this amazing time in our life. How did I get to be so blessed? Thank you God for this wonderful gift.

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