Fabric Softener Saves the Day (and my kids do too)

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When I was at the end of my pregnancy with Sawyer I had a big revelation. I’m talking about one of those Oprah “a-ha” moments where you stop what you’re doing and the lights above you suddenly seem brighter and angels are singing in the background. Here it was . . .

Why in the heck am I still doing EVERYTHING for my kids?!

This a-ha moment was brought to you by a huge, sick pregnant lady (me) who who was on her hands and knees picking kids’ clothes up off their bedroom floor. Because Lord knows I could no longer bend over at that point.

For five years I had been doing literally everything for my two boys. The realization that we would be adding another child to our family soon had me breaking down. These kids have to start helping around here! They have hands and feet and brains and a ton of energy, which I didn’t have at that moment. Why can’t they help? Why can’t they learn about self-sufficiency now instead when they go off to college?

The answer was simple – they can help. For so long I had the attitude that it was easier and faster if I just did it myself. But I realized that I was doing my kids a huge disservice by doing everything for them. They need to know how much work it takes their dad and I to keep our house clean. It is good for them to learn responsibility! Within reason, of course, because they are still young. But that’s no excuse to not begin to teach them.

One particular chore that regularly overwhelms me is our laundry. Keeping clothes clean and put away for five people is NO JOKE. This is one job that is truly never done in our household. Therefore, I decided to try to include Landon and Brigham in the process.


Here’s what you’ll need to get started:

1. A huge heap of dirty laundry (easy, right?) Here’s mine. No wonder I need help!


2. Kids who are excited to help with something new. Seriously, look at my cute helpers!

3. A whole lot of patience (duh!).  If you have small children help you’re gonna need to take a chill pill about having things done exactly as you want them. It takes longer for them to do it. But when you see how happy they are to help you – I promise you won’t mind at all.

Even though we added some time to this chore, it’s no biggie because I have discovered Suavitel Fast Dry fabric softener. I had no idea something existed that could help me cut dry time by 30%. Can you say genius?! I’ll admit I was pretty skeptical. But after using it I can say that it for sure works. I didn’t even have to hit the dry button twice!

I wanted to tell you about Suavitel’s #FastDrySaveTime just in case you didn’t know you could save time on laundry just by using this fabric softener. #CollectiveBias clued me in and now I’m doing the same for you! You can purchase it at Walmart in the laundry aisle.


What about you guys? Do you let your little ones help you do laundry or other chores? I couldn’t believe how willing my boys were to help when I asked them. They were so proud when we were all done and even helped me put it away!

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  1. They are so cute! I do let me kids help with laundry sometimes. Most times I ask them to sort out the clothes are the fact to be carried to everyone’s rooms. I am with you. I usually think it’s just faster to do things myself, but as my kids get older I am trying to have them involved in more chores around the house. #client


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