Going Gray

About a week ago I was washing my hands in the bathroom and looked up in the mirror. Something shiny reflected light off the top of my head and so I dried my hands and tried to find the object that had caught my eye. Suddenly, I realized that the object was one lone grayish-white strand of hair. I couldn’t really tell if it was gray, white, silver or what. But there was no doubt about it. It’s different than the other colors of my hair.

Now I realize that pregnancy hormones can change all kinds of things including your hair color. The fact is I haven’t gotten my hair highlighted since last September. It’s okay to highlight it once you’re in the second trimester but I just haven’t felt like spending $100 on my hair. Seems like a waste in the grand scheme of things. So I’ve let my natural color come through for the first time since my freshman year of college (1997). I used to be a white-headed little girl. My hair was as light as the fluffy white part of a dandelion when I was a kid. Even in high school, I never had to highlight it because it was always the prettiest color of bright yellow. Now it seems that things are changing. It’s still blonde but it’s a darker shade of blonde with some red strands coming through (must be the Irish in me).

I took a deep breath after I found this gray hair and quickly gave my head a once over to see if there were more. I only found a few quietly hidden under the top. But it only takes a few to let you know that you are not who you once were. For the most part, I’m not scared of turning thirty. I am actually excited about starting a new decade of my life and making it the best one yet. A lot of wonderful things happened in my twenties. I graduated with my undergraduate and graduate degrees. I met the man of my dreams, married him, traveled with him and started a family with him. But there was still so much uncertainty. I know there will be for the rest of my life but as you get older, you grow and become wiser and you realize, “Hey, I guess I don’t know everything there is to know about life.” The trick is being okay with that and hanging on for the ride.

Both of my parents have a full head of white hair now. I always figured the same would happen to me. I just didn’t figure I’d see my first one at the age of 29. I was hoping for more like 40. So, I might be calling the salon soon. No, I’m not scared to get older but I plan on looking fine while I’m doing it. Nothing wrong with a hot mama in her thirties!

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  1. pregnancy does do all kinds of things to your body. My hair got darker after having him. But, there’s definitly nothing wrong with being a hot mama. I’m all for hair appointments. you should get an edgy hair cut too! ;)

  2. I had the same hair color process as you did. Baby: tow-head, golden through high school and really light in the summer. After baby #1, a little darker, after baby #2, a lot darker, then after #3 stayed dirty dishwater blond. I haven’t decided what to do (I highlight it now).

    As for gray, who cares in the grand scheme? And as for turning 30, it is what it is, it’s inevitable. Heck, when I was 19 I never ever thought i’d enjoy 40 and I am on the cusp now and doing pretty well.

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