It’s a BOY!

Naaman and I are so excited to be able to announce the gender of our first child. We’re having a little boy and we couldn’t be happier about it. I looked over and Naaman was crying. He doesn’t cry very often but it was special to see how much it affected his emotions. I am truly blessed. I have an amazing Husband who has been there every step of the way and a beautiful son on the way. Life is beautiful and mysterious. I never could have imagined that I could feel this content but I do. I appreciate the feeling because it was a long time coming.

While we were there all the measurements were taken. He was a little shy about showing his face this time but the tech was able to measure what mattered. We have a healthy baby in there. He is 7 ounces right now and couldn’t be cuter! He’s moving all the time now and I can feel him thumping around in there. It feels weird but in a good way. There’s no way to explain it but he is already making me smile on a daily basis.

Naaman and I *think* we have his name picked out, which will remain a surprise until further notice. It’s a good one though and we think both the Watts and Shalz clan will like it.

It was fun calling everyone to tell them the news. My family is, of course, ecstatic. With four girls in the family we are all ready for a little boy to be running around. I grew up surrounded by Barbies, Strawberry Shortcakes and My Little Ponies. People seem surprised when they learn that I was a big tomboy as a little girl. I was always barefoot, running around in the mud in the backyard. I always had new scratches from climbing trees all day. I loved catching lightening bugs and butterflies and getting dirty in general. My parents would have to beg me to come in at sundown. My, how too much estrogen can change a girl.

I had a Sensaria Spa party last night and saw some of my friends that I hadn’t seen in awhile. The most fun was how we announced the gender of the baby. We made cupcakes and iced them with blue icing. I will show pictures soon because my Mom took some funny pictures of Naaman and I with the cupcakes.

I was an English/Journalism major in college and yet I still can’t find a word to describe what I’m feeling. I suppose it’s because my emotions are a conglomeration of many and one word wouldn’t begin to suffice.

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  1. I wonder if the Shalz family will ever get a girl. Nathan seems to think it’s impossible. ;)
    We knew yours was a boy though, right from the start. Exciting. Can’t wait to hear the name.

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