Making Our House a Home

Moving from a brand new house to an older house has been interesting, to say the least. We knew there were problems before we moved in. We made the owners buy us a home warranty and we knew we would probably be using it! Which we have – two times already!

First, the master shower leaked to the media room below. And the drain backed up and flooded our basement leaving the carpet useless. We’re guessing the main drain had never been cleaned out . . . ever. That was when we decided to upgrade the warranty. Because it sounds like they’ll probably be back!

It’s clear this house and the yard were sadly neglected. But when we were looking at it we saw huge potential. And we knew with a little work, we’d build a good amount of equity right off the bat.

When they did the appraisal we found out the house was already worth more than we were paying for it. Now we’re seriously thinking we landed on a goldmine.

The house is already so much better than it was when we bought it. I remember coming into it for our final walk-through. The owners had already moved everything out and they weren’t living there anymore. It was completely empty.

Sure, the hideous paint colors were still there but it was much easier to imagine us living there. Our kids playing in their playroom. Our new sofa fitting into the media room. The huge fireplace mantle decorated to my taste.

Potential to be a wonderful home for us for years to come. With plenty of projects and hope for a new chapter of our lives.

I was sad about leaving our last house. I cried a lot of tears wondering if we were making the right decision. But I’m not sad anymore. I’m happy about our new start.

As of today we’ve been in our new house for two months. The sun is shining down on the new flowers we’ve planted. And I think our family is happy here.

Happy is a word I wasn’t sure I would be using ever again.

But here I am. Believing that I deserve happiness too.

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