More Milestones

Naaman felt the baby move for the first time last Wednesday. He was kicking up a storm so I put Naaman’s hand on my lower belly just like every night before and watched his face. I felt a swift thud and suddenly Naaman’s face and eyes lit up as if it were Christmas morning. He said “Oh my God, I felt that one!” I started crying (I’m hormonal, so sue me). He asked if that was him and I said, yep, sure was. He is such a strong kicker. Maybe he’ll be a soccer player, which I’m sure would have Naaman beaming. Sometimes I can’t concentrate at work because he is moving and kicking so much. I’m happy because that lets me know he’s safe and sound in the womb. But at the same time I think, “Hey kiddo, give Mommy a break while I’m in a meeting once in awhile.” So that was our big milestone last week.

We also ordered the crib and dresser/changer combo on Saturday. I am so excited for it to get here and set it up in the nursery. We still have to move our office to the den in the back of the house before we can paint and set up the nursery. We are still undecided on our bedding and colors for the nursery. I am indecisive even though I know the baby won’t care if it’s a jungle theme or pink polka dots!

Here is the new crib we ordered (minus the turtle bedding). The crib is beautiful and the company plants 10 trees when you purchase a crib so it’s environmentally friendly as well, which always makes me happy.

Here is the new dresser/changer combo we ordered. I like this because after diaper duty is over we can still use this piece of furniture because the changer comes off the top.
New belly pics (getting bigger everyday) and stories about a cute neighbor dog named Hashbrown are up next : )

5 Replies to “More Milestones”

  1. I think you should pass on the pink polka dots for his nursery. He might mind that. Maybe blue polka dots.
    I like the furniture though. Its so fun to set up the nursery. Just wait until your baby showers. It will be better than christmas.

  2. Hi Molly,
    I saw your link on thenest. :) I love the crib you picked. I can’t wait to see your belly pics! I bet you are looking sooo cute!

  3. The movement you feel now is one of those magic miricles we get in life. I’m glad Naaman enjoyed it too. I do like the furntiure. Looks good and sturdy for a boy. They do get “roudy.” Connie

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