Nip Diaper Rash in the Bud with DESITIN


It’s strange how each of my babies has been different in so many ways. Their smiles and laughs. Their eating and sleeping habits. I’m no expert but at least I know a little of what to expect with all three of them now because I know their personalities!


Sawyer seems to have a lot of similarities to me as far as looks and personality go – but unfortunately she got my very sensitive skin too ::sad face::

We have tried many different diapering options and we also change her often but she still gets diaper rash from time to time. For us, the best treatment for diaper rash has been DESITIN® Rapid Relief. I love the way it instantly creates a barrier on contact and the diaper will no longer cause friction against her skin. I can put it on before she takes her nap and when she wakes up the rash is already looking much better!


Parents never want their babies to be uncomfortable! I want her to be as happy as possible when dealing with her skin issues and after trying different options DESITIN cream is definitely the best choice for her.

Unfortunately, diaper rash is one of the most common skin conditions in the United States and most children experience it at some time during the first three years of life.

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